Aaron Hartley in Brussels July 2012. Photo by Ran Blake

Trombonist/educator Aaron Hartley is Faculty at the New England Conservatory (Boston, MA), Contemporary Improvisation Department.

Born and raised in Tampa, FL, Aaron Hartley was guided by Ellingtonian trombonist Buster Cooper through his youth. Aaron studied with Buster on the bandstand for years and became one of a handful of upcoming musicians he nicknamed “Youngblood.”

Aaron moved to Boston in 2003 to attend the New England Conservatory (NEC) where he primarily studied with legendary trombonist Bob Brookmeyer and former Lincoln Center trombonist Andre Hayward. In 2007, Aaron continued his studies at NEC for a Master of Music degree in order to narrow his focus and study with trumpeter/educator John McNeil. During his time at NEC, Aaron was also guided by Jerry Bergonzi, Dominique Eade, George Garzone, Joe Maneri, Hankus Netsky, George Russell, Gunther Schuller, and many many others.

Aaron also gained a dear friend and mentor while attending NEC, noir pianist and founder of NEC’s Contemporary Improvisation Department, Ran Blake. In 2004, Aaron joined Blake as co-producer and film editor for a unique Annual Halloween Film Noir Concert hosted by NEC in Jordan Hall. The concert has since been moved to the spring semester and is currently on its 11th year now. This concert series has become a staple of the NEC community; bring together students from various departments, backgrounds, talents, and disciples to create  truly rare and unique concert experience.

Aaron’s recent engagements include performances with pianist Ran Blake and violinist/ vocalist Eden MacAdam-Somer in Milan, Italy and Santander and Huesca, Spain (March, 2015).

Aaron is also the founder of A-Side Records (MORE HERE) and is assistant producer on multiple records with Universal Jazz France/ impulse!, RedPiano, Jazz Inc., and various other labels.